Meeting Room

Alron will give you a different experience for your meeting day. with 100m2 width, you will have an amazing opportunity to get 3 sizes and 4 set-up options. which will accommodate you to your meeting needs. Feel free to enjoy our karaoke facility during meeting convenience to you which already included to meeting package

Meeting Room Capacity

U-shape Boardroom Classroom Theater Round Table Long Table Lounge Cocktail
Pandawa 45 seat 44 seat 55 seat 96 seat 50 seat 42 seat 30 seat 60 paxs
Nakula 15 seat 22 seat 18 seat 36 seat
Sadewa 15 seat 22 seat 18 seat 36 seat

Meeting Room Style & Inclusive

Type Meeting Meeting Inclusive
Full Board Meeting Screen / Tv LED 60 Inch
Full Day Meeting Bose Sound system
Half Day Meeting Meeting Stationary
Regristration Table